Earn Money Online – Step by Step Guide

One of the best way to earn money online without investment is to get paid to do simple tasks.

The platform that you will be working on is Clixsense. I will guide you through step by step on how to start earning money using Clixsense, and how you can maximize your earnings with some of our simple tips & tricks.

Important Note:

Your earnings will be low at first, but will keep growing if you keep doing everyday. The good thing about this is that there is no limit on how much you can earn, as this depends on how long you spend on it. This is recommended for you to make use of your past time by earning extra income online.

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is a a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site which pays you for tasks you completed. There are plenty of  (GPT) sites out there, but one of the greatest GPT site is Clixsense. It has paid over 8 million members since February 2007, and increasing.

Step 1: Sign Up

The first thing you need to do is to sign up at Clixsense.

Make sure to verify your email after registering. After you have filled and submitted the sign up form at the top right corner, Clixsense will send a validation link to your email. You are then required to login to your account for activation once you click the validation link.

For the first login, you need to update your profile with more details like address, secret question, and most importantly, the payment method. Payment method is how you choose to get your earnings.

There are various methods of payment available, which are Skrill, Payoneer, and Tango.

As Skrill is one of the most popular and safest way to receive payments online, I recommend you to choose Skrill as the payment method in Clixsense. You can do this easily by selecting Skrill and provide the email address for your Skrill account. If you do not have a Skrill account, please check this guide on how to create a Skrill account.

After you are done filling your profile information, click the “update account” button below to finish the sign up process. This is where the real thing begins.


You can actually start working right away even if you don’t have a valid payment method account. A payment method account is only needed when you want to make withdrawals or cash out. That means you can start working immediately, and only switch to a valid Skrill account or other payment method when you need it later.

Step 2: Complete Surveys

Clixsense Survey Page

You can earn from Clixsense by completing surveys. You will get paid from $0.50 up to $4.00 each, and it is one of the best way to earn with Clixsense. Right after you sign up, you will get at least 2 to 3 surveys available for you.

In order to unlock more surveys, you need to complete your survey profile by clicking the “Surveys Profile” button beside your pending balance. The survey profile will only ask some general questions like age, marital status, gender, hobbies etc. in order for the survey companies to provide more surveys that best suits for you.

Be honest with the surveys to get qualified for more surveys, which means more earning potential for you. This is because the information you provide will be used in the future to determine what type of surveys are more suitable for you.


You may often get disqualified from surveys at first, because there is still not enough information to know what type of surveys are more suitable for you. Not all surveys are meant for everyone. However, as you keep doing it everyday, you will get qualified for more and more surveys.

Step 3: Complete Offers

Clixsense offers page

Another way to earn in Clixsense is by completing different types of offer available, and the amount of money you can earn from this is good as well.

Those offers come from different websites, and Clixsense group them all together for your convenience. Some of the examples of offers are downloading apps on your mobile, perform sign ups, or even surveys.

You can check the number of offers available anything, and try to understand what you need to do to complete the offers in order to get paid.


Some offers have surveys as well, so you can also complete the survey profile to unlock more suitable surveys to complete.

Step 4: Complete Tasks

Clixsense Tasks Examples

Complete tasks is also another good way to earn with Clixsense. In fact, most earnings you can get are coming from Clixsense tasks. Under “Tasks”, you will find a number of different tasks provided by  Figure Eight, which is a crowdsourcing service that gives you the opportunity to earn more by working on small simple tasks.

There are 4 levels in total for your account, which are Level 0, 1, 2, and 3. These levels determine what kind of tasks you can take, and you start with Level 0. You can upgrade your level by completing tasks with high accuracy.

The problem for new accounts with Level 0 is that the tasks are not always available. However, when tasks are available, you can do it unlimited number of times & get paid for each tasks done.

Clixsense Tasks Page

Top 10 task workers for every week will also earn a total of $100 in bonuses. This requires a lot of time and not recommended, unless you are willing to spend your time into it. If you are going for it however, you are recommended to reach at least Level 3 first in order to unlock all the available tasks for you.


It is very important to complete your first hundred tasks with high accuracy in order to upgrade to Level 1. The earnings at Level 0 will be less, but once you get to Level 1 and higher, you can earn around $10 per day just by completing tasks alone using 2 to 3 hours of time.

Receive Payments

After you have earned the minimum of $10, you can start cashing out to your Skrill account or other payment methods you have chosen. You can do so by going to your account page, and click “Cashout“, select the amount you want to cashout, and then submit.

If you prefer to use cheque as your payment method, you need to wait for some time, as it will only be processed once a month on the 10th of every month.

Important Note:

All payment methods, except for cheque, are being processed daily. But because of the payments are being processed manually, and having a large amount of payment requests from workers daily, you need to wait around 4 to 7 days for your payments to be processed and sent to you.

Bonus Tips

1. Daily Checklist Bonus

Make sure to complete your daily checklists, because a bonus (increase your earning by 12%) will be added to your account balance at the end of the day.

You can complete the daily checklist by meeting these requirements:

  • Complete at least 10 tasks, or
  • Complete at least 2 surveys/offers, or
  • Complete at least 5 tasks and at least 1 survey/offer

After daily checklist has been completed, you can get each extra bonuses by meeting these individual requirements:

  • ClixAddon Bonus (2% bonus): Have your browsers with ClixAddon open for an hour.
  • Activity Bonus (2% bonus): Complete daily checklist bonus for 3 days straight.

You will get a total bonus of 16% boost to your earning for the day if you complete all of these.

2. ClixAddon

Installing ClixAddon in your browser is highly recommended, and you can download it from Clixsense here.

It is an extension for your browsers to keep track of your account status. Furthermore, you also have the advantages of getting notified for new surveys and tasks the moment they become available. This is important because some surveys and tasks may only be limited to a certain amount of people.

By just having ClixAddon on your browser for an hour, you will also get extra bonus for the daily checklist bonus.


Last words, patience pays.